5 Best Wool Pressing Mats for Quilting in 2024

Let’s admit; Ironing boards are hard to handle. They require ample storage space and are not portable. You must set your ironing supplies to get through the ironing process, which sometimes becomes hectic. This is why many people avoid ironing and find suitable alternatives to save time and the effort of setting up the supplies before pressing clothes.

But the ultimate solution for this problem is a wool pressing mat. It is a compact piece of wool that can be used as an ironing pad on any surface. You can use it on a washer, dryer, wooden table, bed, or carpet. It is smartly designed to replace an ironing board and can be your ideal travel partner making an instant ironing station wherever you are. You need a flat surface, and you’re good to go. You can look for features and advanced properties to choose the best wool pressing mat.

Top 5 Wool Pressing Mats for Travelers & Busy Homes

Wool Ironing Mat – Best Small Mat For Quilting

Wool Ironing Mat - Best Small Mat For Quilting


  • Large surface area
  • Non stretchable
  • Excellent grip
  • Compact design
  • Portable

This wool mat is ideal for sewers as it is a small size. The product dimensions are 13.5 x 13.43 x 0.71 inches, weighing around 12 ounces. You can keep it near you while you’re doing any craft project. It will help ease the seams and pleats without rushing back and forth to the ironing boards.

Sewers usually keep it next to them for quick fixes. It is made up of pure wool that comes from New Zealand. The interlocking thread makes it non-stretchable and enables a good grip for the Fabric. It provides incredible results in just one swipe on each side of the garment. The compact size makes it your traveling partner, and it can fit easily in your luggage.

You can use it as an ironing mat for quick fixes or crease-free looks. Storage space is not an issue. You can store it anywhere. It can instantly flatten the seams and is the best alternative to an ironing board. 

Why We Love It

  • 100% wool
  • No added chemicals
  • No synthetic fibers

Take Note

  • A high temperature of the iron might leave marks
  • Has an odor

Our Ratings

Thickness 3.5/5
Size 4/ 5
Storage friendly3/ 5
Base Grip3.5/5

Rdutuok Inches Wool Pressing Mat – Easy Press Iron Pad

Rdutuok Inches Wool Pressing Mat - Easy Press Iron Pad


  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Pure New Zealand Wool
  • Added accessories

This wool pressing mat is ideal for your home as it is the most budget-friendly ironing mat on our list. The 17 x 13.5-inch mat provides good surface area for ironing and becomes compact, portable, and easy to store. It weighs around 1.39 pounds and can easily be stored in your handbag while you travel.

It is an energy-saving product as it absorbs heat and lets the steam pass through the fabric evenly on both sides, so you don’t have to press the back side, which saves energy. It is crafted with pure wool from New Zealand and is undyed.

 This mat is designed for the sewers and comes as a package that includes not only the mat but a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, 40 pcs sewing pins and an iron rest pad. A small soft felt pouch carries all these extra things to make it handy and portable. You can also give it to any quilter embroidery lover as a present. Air dry the mat before storing it back. You May like how to iron wool.

Why We Love It

  • Packaging has added accessories
  • Pure wool
  • Lightweight and accurately sized

Take Note

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Not thick enough

Our Ratings

Thickness 3/5
Size 3.5/ 5
Storage friendly4/ 5
Base Grip3.5/5

Wool ironing mat Vs. Rdutuok Inches wool pressing mat

As a comparison, I would say both are quite similar in their portability, storage friendliness, and materials. What is different between these two is the size. Rdutuok inches wool mat has a larger surface area as compared to wool ironing mat. Both are 100% wool and best quality mats.

Tidy Monster Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting – The Professional Quilter’s Choice

Tidy Monster Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting - The Professional Quilter's Choice


  • Made up of pure wool
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Additional silicon rest
  • Storage friendly

This mat is made with pure wool without added chemical or synthetic fillers. It ensures efficient ironing and energy saving by evenly distributing the steam through both sides of the fabric. It is a light weighted portable mat that can be your best travel partner measuring 17 x 13.5 inches. It is compact, mobile, and storage-friendly. The package also comes with a silicon iron rest.

The mat’s surface is smooth with dense, interlocking fibers and a unique felted texture. It prevents the slipping and stretching of the fabric and makes ironing an easy task. This is yet another giftable item, as it is the best ironing mat for quilters, and sewers would love something as compact as applicable.

Why We Love It

  • No bleach or dye
  • It comes with a silicon iron rest

Take Note

  • It might melt the pad at high temperatures

Our Ratings

Thickness 4/5
Size 3/ 5
Storage friendly3.5/ 5
Base Grip3.5/5

Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting – Best Large Size Mat

Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting - Best Large Size Mat


  • Soft textured
  • Made with pure New Zealand wool
  • Heat resistant

This wool iron mat has a soft felted texture with interlocking fibers that helps to absorb the steam and retains heat. If you take your freshly dried clothes from your dryer and instantly press it over this mat, it can cut your ironing time in half, making it more efficient.

It is made with the world’s best wool that is 100 % pure from New Zealand. It gives a smooth look to your fabric by pressing the seams with a crisp finish. The pressing mat is energy efficient as you don’t need to flip your garment to iron both sides.

It can pass steam through the fabric and press both sides simultaneously. The compact 24 x 17 inches design makes the product portable and easy to store. Its ½ density makes it possible to iron anything giving the results of an ironing board by using just a table or flat surface.

Why We Love It

  • Large size
  • ½ inch thickness

Take Note

  • It might have an unpleasant smell due to pure wool

Our Ratings

Thickness 3.5/5
Size 4/ 5
Storage friendly4/ 5
Base Grip3/5

Tidy Monster Vs. Wool pressing mat for quilters

Tidy monster wool pressing mat is the best mat for quilters. The mat is of a felted texture. It does not scorch the fabrics and is loved by quilters. On the other hand, a wool pressing mat is a large-sized mat specially designed for sewers. It retains heat and gives the best result.

OHOCO Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting – Extra Large Felt Ironing Mat

OHOCO Wool Pressing Mat for Quilting - Extra Large Felt Ironing Mat


  • Made with pure wool
  • Carrying bag added
  • Extra large size
  • Heat resistant

You can revitalize your ironing experience by adding this wool mat to your ironing routine. It is made with pure wool and densely packed with interlocking fibers, which can help you achieve excellent results without an ironing board. It comes with a carrying bag.

You Can roll it, put it in the bag, and carry it anywhere. This can become an instant ironing station wherever you want. The product is light weighted with ⅜ inch thickness which prevents the flat surface on which the mat is kept. The heat is absorbed and distributed throughout the fabric, saving time and energy as you only have to iron one side.

It is an extra large pad which means you can iron complete items or embroider projects keeping the edges focused. This pad can be used on any flat surface or as a replacement for your ironing board quilted cover.

Why We Love It

  • ⅜ inch thickness
  • Extra large
  • Multi-purpose usage
  • Has its carrying bag

Take Note

  • It might Leak water underneath the mat.

Our Ratings

Thickness 3.5/5
Size 4/ 5
Storage friendly2/ 5
Base Grip3.5/5

What you should be looking for

A buying guide has been established to help readers choose the best wool pad according to consumer reviews. The following are the things you should be looking for before you buy the mat of your choice:


The wool pad should be thick enough to absorb heat and steam. A mat that needs to be wide enough can ruin the surface under the mat. Thickness also matters as the mat lets steam seep in by transferring the heat on both sides of the fabric.


The size should be appropriate for a piece of fabric for efficient working. The very small-sized mat can take a long time to finish all the seams in a DIY craft project. An ironing mat is portable; it might at least cover a dress shirt.


The material should be pure wool as it is heat resistant; otherwise, it can damage your fabric by melting or scorching it. Pure wool prevents transferring of material after melting due to high temperatures.

Ironing MatsTypeThicknessPure WoolSizeWeight
Wool Ironing MatSmall Quilting Mat1/2Yes13.5 x 13.4312 Ounce
Rdutuok Inches Wool MatEasy press iron pad1/2Yes17 x 13.51.39 Pounds
Tidy Monster Pressing MatProfessional Quilting mat1/2Yes17 x 13.516 Ounce
Wool Pressing MatLarge size mat1/2Yes24 x 172.1 Pounds
OHOCO Wool Pressing MatExtra Large Felt Mat3/8Yes15 x 543.01Pounds

Frequently Asked questions

The tidy monster wool pressing mat is the best on our list. It is accessible on a budget and has all the essential features while buying a wool pressing mat. It is durable and reusable.

Yes, wool pressing mats are worth a buy as they are instant ironing stations. You don’t have to go through the setting process before ironing. Put your wool pad on a table or a sturdy surface and start ironing. It is ideal for small spaces.

Keep a pressing mat on any surface. You can use a wooden table, carpet, washer, or dryer. It is thick enough to absorb heat, preventing the under-the-surface area.

Yes, you can quickly steam with a wool ironing mat. It can absorb heat and let the steam pass through the fabric without damaging the surface on which the nat is kept.

It should be at least ½ inch thick to make it the perfect padding for ironing. Thickness prevents damage to clothes and the woolen mat.

An ideal wool pressing mat should have a thickness of about ½ inch. It should be durable and reusable. A 100% wool would work the best to prevent your clothing from damaging. The material is essential, not 9nly for your clothes but also the iron. A dense mat with interlocking fibers is preferred to save your fabric from stretching or scorching.


This article might help you choose the wool mat that is an ideal alternative for your regular ironing board. We have used and looked through the pros and cons in detail to make your purchase easy. It would be best to maintain the product’s quality.

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