How to Iron Polyester Clothes Without Burning Them (Ultimate Guide)

There are many fabrics that have strict restrictions for washing, drying, and ironing. And polyester is one of them. When the iron is concerned, the rules get more stringent because if not done correctly, it can leave a shiny mark on it or, worst case, burn it altogether. Steaming or ironing polyester can be very tricky. One wrong move and you will have your favorite dress ruined!

If you need to learn how to iron polyester, then this blog will find you well, where I will teach you many things about polyester, including professional ways of ironing different polyester garments. By following our tips, tricks, and strict rules of polyester iron, you will never have a wrinkled polyester dress. But before moving further, you first have to know what polyester is.

What is Polyester?

Polyester is a manufactured substance that is derived from petroleum (1). To put it more simply, polyester is a kind of plastic, so ironing it is very risky.

Advantages Of Polyester

Polyester is a very versatile material because it has many advantages and these are:

  • It is highly resistant to moisture (water/sweat)
  • Some kinds of polyester are resistant to stains and soil.
  • It is cheaper.
  • Polyster does not lose shape or shrink.
  • Under, normal circumstances,It is easy to dye.
  • Polyester does not wrinkle easily.

Disadvantages Of Polyester

Despite all the perks that polyester has to offer, it has two significant disadvantages, and these are:

  • Polyester is highly sensitive to heat from any source, whether from water, dryer, or iron. It can easily deform or melt under higher temperatures.
  • It is a huge producer to greenhouse gas.

Can You Iron Polyester?

‘ Can you iron polyester?’ This question is justified because polyester very little  heat resistance. If ironed on the wrong settings, your polyester can burn or have a shiny patch that will not be pleasing, trust me!

Therefore, before ironing, it is recommended to check care labels first in order to have a fair idea of the polyester iron setting.

Can You Steam Polyester

The second query that came across my search was, ‘ Can you steam polyester?’ well, why not, as long as you can read it on care label.

In fact, steam can be a better option than ironing because there will be no contact between the soleplate and the polyester. Therefore you will not have to place a Dampen pressing cloth or towel on top of it to press it.

Can You Iron 100% Polyester?

Usually, there are no unique risks while ironing 100%. However, it is essential to check the care label first. If it forbids you to iron it, then you should not.

Best Iron Settings For Polyester

Iron comes in two kinds, one is with a numbered dial, and the other is a named dial. The best polyester iron setting depends upon the kind of iron you are using. If you have an iron that has the names of fabrics written on it, then all you have to do is turn the dial to the ‘Polyester or Synthetic. ‘

In case you are using an iron with a number dial, then the recommendation to the question ‘Can you iron on polyester’ is to set the iron between numbers 1 and 3. Normal wrinkles usually disappear on number 2, but if you are dealing with deep wrinkles, you can go as high as 3. If you go beyond 3, you can damage or burn your polyester.

Usually, polyester can sustain the temperature between 300°F / 148°C.

Best Iron Settings For Polyester

How to Iron Polyester at the Correct Temperature

Below you will find how to iron polyester garments. After following this step-by-step guideline, you will never face any issues again while doing iron on polyester.

If you want to avoid asking again if I can iron polyester for anyone, then go on and read ahead!

How to Iron a Polyester Dress

The following steps will guide you on how to iron a polyester dress.

  • Start by checking the care label to know what are the recommended polyester iron settings for the particular dress.
  • Lay your dress flat on an iron board after turning it upside down.
  • In order to protect the dress from extra heated, take a little help from water. Place a Dampen pressing cloth on top of it.
  • Now set those recommendations on the iron you saw on the care label and plug it in to turn it on.
  • Remember to start ironing your dress, always iron in one direction. Start from the top of the dress with upward strokes.
  • Avoid keeping iron in one place for a longer than necessary period.
  • Only when the dress cools down, turn it over. Place it flat on the ironing board again and repeat the above steps.
  • When this side also cools down, hang the dress to prevent any wrinkles from forming again.

Tip: Always remove the materials that are removable from the dress to iron it properly.

How to Iron Polyester Pants

To learn how to iron polyester pants, follow the following steps:

  • Check the care label to peek at the recommended settings to iron on polyester.
  • Turn the pants upside down on the ironing board in such a way that the board is inside one of the legs.
  • Plug in the iron to start it.
  • When starting the ironing, first smooth the pockets for convenience.
  • Now bring a dampen pressing cloth and place it on the pant’s leg to iron it.
  • After smoothing the pockets, it’s time to restart from the waistband.
  • Please do not follow the stroking movement while ironing the waistband to prevent it from stretching.
  • Follow press and lift movements to iron the waistband properly.
  • Copy the same actions to press the legs of the pants.
  • Hang your pants immediately after you have finished ironing polyester pants on both legs in the same manner, For Ironing dress pants check this out.

How to Iron a Polyester Shirt

To know how to iron a polyester shirt, first check the recommendations mentioned on the care label. Now follow the following steps.

How to Iron a Polyester Shirt
  • First, you have to undo all the buttons on the shirt.
  • Now lay your shirt in such a way that its inside is touching the ironing board.
  • Turn on the iron and set the required settings.
  • It’s time to start by ironing the collar and cuffs.
  • Place a Dampen pressing cloth on the collar and start ironing from the edges to the middle.
  • Follow the same strokes for ironing cuffs.
  • Smooth out the sleeves with your hands, place the pressing cloth, and start ironing them one by one from the bottom to the shoulders.
  • It’s time to iron the shirt’s back while adjusting it against the iron board where necessary.
  • Iron the shoulder as well.
  • Make sure you iron and cool every part. Now flip the shirt and iron this side of the shoulder as well.
  • Start ironing its front from bottom to shoulders while avoiding the buttons.
  • Remember to iron the front of the collar the same way you iron its back.
  • Hang the shirt immediately after you have finished ironing.

Tip: Hanging the shirt while it is still warm will help remove any remaining wrinkles with some help from gravity.

Can You Iron Polyester Spandex?

Pure spandex cannot be ironed because its fibers are extremely heat sensitive. But if it’s bland, like polyester spandex (85/15), then you can iron it while setting your iron on the lowest settings.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Chiffon Dress?

To remove wrinkles from your chiffon dress, iron it from its backside by placing a damped towel or pressing cloth. Set your towel on the lowest setting, and ensure the soleplate is cleaned before ironing it.

Try to move iron swiftly on chiffon; otherwise, be ready to have it crumpled under your soleplate.

Ironing it on the lowest setting is sufficient for chiffon. However, it will be better to not use the steam feature.

How To Unwrinkle A Tie

Unwrinkling a tie can be seen as a mere small task because it is, after all, just a tiny piece of fabric. But in reality, it is actually tricky to iron a tie. How to unwrinkle a tie, then?

First of all, if your tie is made from cotton or linen material, then you can quickly iron it at t higher temperatures. But if it is made of silk or polyester, things get a bit difficult. To iron it, check the care label for heat instructions. If there is no care label, your best bet is to start with the lowest temperature and increase gradually.

You can iron the back of the tie without any layers in case you are in a hurry. But iron the front of a tie with care because it is the show’s host, literally. Always use a damp towel or white t-shirt as a layer between the tie and soleplate. This way, there are minimal chances of getting a shiny patch. Therefore, using a steamer instead of iron is better for unwrinkling your tie.

Tip: Do not press harder while ironing your tie to avoid a flat-faced appearance.

Similarly, if the question is how to get wrinkles out of a polyester bridesmaid dress or how to get wrinkles out of a prom dress, then the procedure will be the same. COOL IRON THEM! That is, always use a damped layer to protect your precious clothing and precious day.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Pleated Skirt

How to get wrinkles out of a pleated skirt? It is just a skirt, after all! It should not be that difficult to iron it. This is what most people think. On the contrary, you need to work harder to get do this job.

To begin with, you need one of the best ironing boards if you really want to iron your pleated skirt like dry cleaners.

Check the care label to set the recommended settings on the iron. If there are no instructions, put it to the lowest setting. You can also turn the steam mode on, which will help provide pleats with a professional finish.

Before ironing, check if any pockets need to be smoothed. You have to turn your dress inside out for this.

Now turn it back again and start with your pleats by pinching each from the top and then pulling it down to the skirt’s hem. Work on each pleat by lifting and pressing your iron.

You can take help from pins or paper clips to make proper creases. After you are done, hang your skirt from the waistband so that the pleats set in their deserving places.

Does Polyester Wrinkle Easily?

As discussed above, Polyester is an artificial material. It is made to resist stains, moisture, and wrinkles. However, it does not mean that it will not wrinkle ever. Sometimes Polyester items are packed too tight or crumpled for longer than reasonable periods. Therefore, to avoid them from getting wrinkled, try hanging them promptly. If you have to pack them away, keep them tight enough and unpack them as soon as possible.

Polyester can also get wrinkles in the washing machine if it is washed with hot water. It is also not advised to use the spin cycle when washing it because its agitation can cause it to get wrinkles.

It is advised to hang them for drying. But if you have to use the complete cycle of the washing machine, then find the permanent press cycle that will use warm air to reduce wrinkles. Make sure to hang them immediately after the cycle is finished.

Frequently Asked questions

Yes, you can use iron-on polyester. To perform polyester iron, check the care label for the safe temperature range. If not mentioned, iron on a medium-high setting or around 300°F for normal polyester. But if your polyester is thinner, then always iron below 300°F.

Yes, polyester can melt under iron if subjected to high heat. It can also melt from the high heat of hot water used in the wash cycle. Dryers can also melt polyester if their heat is too high.

Yes, because polyester is a synthetic material. You can easily iron it under a synthetic setting or 110°C.

Patches provide one to customize their clothing. You can apply them easily with the help of heat. You can iron patches on polyester, also. But be careful and do not go overboard with ironing, and keep the iron on recommended settings for polyester.

Follow the following steps to get the melted polyester out of the iron.

  • Set the iron to the lowest setting to soften the stuck polyester.
  • Try to scrape it the most you can.
  • Now turn off the iron, and after it cools down, scrub with a clean cloth soaked in a mixture of water and baking soda(equal parts).
  • While scrubbing your iron, ensure not to get too rough and damage the soleplate.
  • The remaining residue can be removed by a nail polish remover that is acetone based.


Polyester is one of the wonderful inventions that has made our life easier to a great extent. It all happens due to its resilient nature. But if it gets wrinkled (which is not usual if taken care of properly), it cannot be easy to handle.

It might resist certain things but is highly sensitive to high heat. Then how can I iron polyester? This question is running in most readers’ minds. To solve this query, I have written this detailed guide to help you understand polyester better. I have also listed steps to iron different polyester garments to help ease one of your house chores.

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