Look Flawless on Your Big Day: How to Steam Your Wedding Dress at Home

Are you nervous about your wedding dress? Because your special day is near. And you don’t know how to eliminate wrinkles from your bridal dress. No worries. For brides-to-be, we have mentioned all the tips and tricks regarding steaming bridal gowns. Hence, learn about “How to steam a wedding dress” by reading this guide below.

Every bride’s dream is to get a flawless marriage dress. It doesn’t matter which wedding attire you choose. It could be heavily beaded, traditional, or simple when you order your dress from any online brand or buy from a designer. Your dress might get wrinkles and creases during transportation & delivery. That’s why a steaming bridal dress is crucial for each bride.

Wedding Dress Steam At Home

Wedding day is very special, and brides want a graceful look on their big day. Women are beauty-conscious and can’t ignore wrinkled bridal dresses. So, if you are a bride-to-be, you can steam your bridal gown at home by following simple tools and techniques. You have three options to de-wrinkle your dress at home: iron, garment steamer, or shower method.


Before the ironing technique, check your dress fabric and follow the ironing steps professionally. You can iron your dress on an ironing board if the cloth is tough. But set the iron heat to low while ironing the marriage dress. If you don’t know about your dress fabric, you can ask the designer or brand owner which fabric they use in clothes.

If your dress has many decorations, use a white towelto prevent stains, wrinkles & burns. Don’t use colorful towels. After this step, hang your clothing on a wide hanger. Wear it on your special day as a marriageoutfit reflects your personality.

Shower Method:

Have you heard about handheld steamers? The shower method is the same. For this, hang your wedding dress on the shower rod. Make sure it should be at a distance from the shower head.

After this, run the shower with hot water for 15-16 minutes until the wrinkles get smooth from your wedding outfit. The door should be closed during the shower steaming process.

Garment steamer:

If the dress fabric is silk, wool, or polyester, it is advisable not to use iron. For wedding dress steamer, a garment steamer is a good choice. Hang your bridal outfit on a sturdy hanger and gently use a garment steamer on the dress down the length. It will help you to remove wrinkles and creases from your dress.

Remember, don’t hold a garment steamer too close to your dress. It can damage your dress fabric. Hold it 6-10 inches from the dress and avoid burns. Here, a question circulates: which method is more effective: iron or steaming? We recommend choosing wisely according to your dress fabric.

How do you Unwrinkle a wedding dress?

When you receive your bridal gown, first hang it properly. If you see wrinkles or creases, aiming will be the game-changer. You can un-wrinkle your wedding dress by placing it in a hot shower.

How much does it cost to steam a wedding dress?

Are you curious to know the charges for the steaming dress? Wedding dress steam costs may vary. Hire someone who offers steam cleaning services. Steam’s average cost starts at $65. Pickup and delivery services charge extra. Your tailor/designer also provides this service.

How to get wrinkles out of wedding dress

How to get wrinkles out of wedding dress

Getting an unwrinkled wedding dress is a straightforward process. You can do this at home by running hot shower water in the bathroom, using a steam iron, or using a handheld steamer. It’s up to you which option you want to choose for your bridal dress steaming. Hope you have got all the valuable information regarding “How do you unwrinkle a wedding dress.”

Do dry cleaners steam wedding dresses

If you don’t prefer steam dressing at home, hand this task to dry cleaning experts who offer dry steam cleaning services as they handle delicate fabric.

How to steam tulle wedding dress

Tulle is a lightweight fabric that gives your wedding dress a fresh and romantic touch. You can steam tulle at home by using a steamer garment. Old this steamer six inches from the outfit. This act will protect your dress from burning or damage like ugly spots.

How to get creases out of a wedding dress

Get creases out of a wedding dress using convenient tools such as steamers. Let’s say goodbye to creases & ugly wrinkles.

How to steam a dress without a steamer

If you are in a hurry and don’t have a steamer, use alternative techniques for steaming a bridal dress, such as a hot shower, kettle or teapot, or cloth dryer to remove wrinkles from the dress.

How to get a wedding dress fast

It depends on the budget and timeframe. If you have a budget and want your wedding dress quickly, order the ready-made bridal dress from bridal boutiques or any other online retailer.

Can you steam a tuxedo?

Use a steamer or iron for a tuxedo jacket. Hang it on a good suit hanger to avoid wrinkles.

Best steamer for wedding dress

When it comes to wedding dresses or how to steam a wedding dress,  check out our top handheld steamers outlined below;

  • Conair Turbo Extreme Handheld Fabric Steamer (Highly recommended handheld steamer)
  • Rowenta Xcel DR7000 Handheld Garment Steamer (Low wattage steamer)

Frequently Asked questions

Steaming your wedding dress is not a big task. For brides, using a handheld steamer to smooth the wrinkles from the wedding gown in just a few minutes is advisable. Don’t apply steam directly on your dress to avoid ugly spots.

You should steam your bridal dress right before you wear it or before the wedding day. Then, hang it on a padded or sturdy hanger. It will help smooth all wrinkles from your marriage dress.

Get wrinkles out of a wedding dress by using a handheld steamer. For safety, use a white cloth or a clean towel.

Check your dress fabric, as we already explained above. Use iron steam if the cloth is tough (cotton, leather). The steamer method is more effective than ironing if the fabric is silk, satin, or other.


Hope you have got a quick solution regarding “how to steam a wedding dress.” To remove frustration, utilize our streaming techniques before your wedding day. Take your big day gracefully by wearing a wrinkle-free wedding dress. If you are still encountering any problems, then consult with us. We will suggest more alternative tools and techniques for brides to be.

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