Ironing Alternatives: 7 Creative Ways to De-Wrinkle Clothes

Ironing gets tedious when you have to do it repeatedly. It is the most tiresome job one has to do. All the effort of setting up the board, heating the iron, and pressing every inch of the garment to make it wrinkle-free cannot simply be taken for granted, as every crease counts. I have been working to exclude all this hassle from my ironing load and have discovered some best Ironing alternatives.

After Ironing clothes, who has those “too visible to ignore” creases again? Your ironing effort just got wasted. But you don’t have to iron again to make those quick fixes. Eliminate this hassle by considering these brilliant ideas for alternatives to ironing that I have collected in this article to save time.

You must also hate ironing; here are some innovative options to save you time!

Best Ironing Alternatives | Saving Time and Effort While Keeping Clothes Fresh

1: Use a crease releaser

Some brands make sprays to release creases from your dresses and make them wrinkle-free. You have to spray it on your shirt and hang them to dry. They are handy as they come in small packaging that is easy to carry while traveling.

 You can avoid all the ironing processes and get excellent results. It is very appropriate for quick fixes. Another thing that you can go for is easy-iron clothes. Such clothes set well with a crease releaser, as the spots are minimum.

Make your Anti-Wrinkle Spray

You will need a spray bottle. Add some water, and take fabric softener and essential oil if you have any. Put these things in the water in small amounts and shake them well.

Your fabric softener is ready. It is ideal for traveling and carrying it whenever you need to fix a crease quickly.

2: Blow-dry

A blow dryer is also my go-to when I have to do my shirt within no time quickly or de-wrinkle without iron. To check this trick, what I did was that I dampened my dress shirt and hung it on a sturdy hanger.

Then I took a blow dryer and blew hot air on the shirt to remove wrinkles from the problem areas. The results were quite remarkable.

3: Steam your clothes in the shower

This technique has been beneficial among all tricks enlisted in this article. It works wonders if you travel and need access to your regular accessories.

You can hang your clothes on a sturdy hanger on the shower pole. It works great as you can also steam shirts in the shower. Close all the windows and doors. Now do all your random and everyday activities while you are inside. Take a bath. It will generate steam inside, and your clothes will be Wrinkle free, of course!

Did you accidentally ruin your collar?

A flat iron is an effective iron alternative for minor touch-ups. Women usually carry a flat iron when they travel.

Take the flat iron and heat it at the maximum limit. Press it onto your collar and let it cool down for a minute. It can be a quick fix if you want to quickly de-wrinkle or refresh your collar.

3: Handheld Steamers

While discussing more straightforward ways, I want you to consider something other than a bigger-sized professional steamer as it takes a lot of effort and time to press your clothes, just like a typical iron.

Handheld Steamers

But considering, a small handheld steamer is a good option as it is portable and easy to carry while you travel. It does not take much space, removes wrinkles thoroughly within seconds, and is one of the best alternatives to ironing.

4: Flatten the dress under your mattress

Suppose you are away, staying somewhere else, and need regular supplies. It could work wonders if you had a mattress, after all.

Your mattress can also be a lifesaver in such a situation. Keep water on your dress under your mattress for 15 to 20 minutes. Now do your regular chores and wait for the dress to flatten. You can take it as regular ironing.

5: Hang dry clothes after you wash them

Washed clothes are already moist. Use some fabric softener before a short spin cycle. It will make the creases soft.

Hang them on a hanger very straight. This technique can help you get a fine finish as hanging your dress after washing them can air dry your clothes, leaving no chance of wrinkling.

Secret tip for Best Ironing alternatives

You can also buy clothing that does not need ironing, like wool, polyester, nylon, synthetics, and denim.

6: Using a damp towel

It is a very convenient and straightforward method for pressing clothes without an iron. Keep your fabric on a hard flat base.

Roll a hot damp towel or any cloth piece and firmly press it on the creases. It will take some time to dry, and you are all set.

 7: Using a kettle or a saucepan

This method works for small and light creases and is an excellent ironing alternative. Heat a kettle and let the water boil until steam comes out. Use the smoke coming out of the sprout to remove creases.

A saucepan can also do the same when you heat some water. When the water is boiled, and steam is created, carefully place your garment over it and let it distribute evenly. It will help relax lines in your clothing article.

This method is applicable if you are pressing clothes at home or in a hotel because you always have access to a kettle, no matter what place it is.

Ironing clothes without electricity

There are situations when you are away from home and need help accessing your supplies.

Consider looking for alternatives to ironing, or even if you have an iron, there is some maintenance issue or load shedding. Well, don’t worry, as we have solutions for that also. Following are some simple ways that can be helpful:

  • A hot pot or kettle

Take anything that can be heated over a stove. It can be a baking tray as well. Heat it and focus on the base of the pot.

 It should be fully heated. Place your garment flat on a hard area and gently rub the pot through the shirt. It works wonders.

  • Shower steam Method

Hang your clothes straight in the washroom and close the windows and doors.

 The steam can help to de-wrinkle your clothes. You will have a smooth finish.

  • Wrinkle Spray

Make your anti-wrinkle spray by adding vinegar and hair conditioner to some water.

Use it as an ironing alternative while you travel as well.

  • Heavy Items

Place your wet clothes under something heavy, like a mattress. The fabric must be very straight.

 The pressure will release all the creases and de Wrinkle without iron.

  • Heat your cold iron on the stove.

You can heat your cold iron on a stove and apply the heat to your clothes.

This technique works well when you are about to leave, but there is no electricity, and those wrinkles must disappear.

  • Fold and store your clothes the right way.

When you wash your clothes, hang them straight using a coat hanger. Do not let it scorch with another garment or fold it in a way that will likely cause wrinkles.

 Smart folding and storage can also help to de-wrinkle clothes. Avoid making high piles, as the weight can also cause deep creases.

  • Permanent press

After all, these conventional and unconventional tricks for alternatives to ironing or an iron replacement, a scheme that might help you NOT use anything is the permanent press clothes.

 It is a method that makes clothes wrinkle-resistant. The fabric is treated with a chemically formulated liquid and then heated to set the shape. Such garments retain their form whenever they are washed and dried correctly.

Many washing machines also have this feature of washing permanent press clothes to maintain and make them durable.

  • Laundry or dry cleaning Service

If there is no electricity and you must go to a meeting or meet a friend, or you are late for a job interview, you can always use a dry cleaning Service.

They chemically wash your clothes without directly contacting the clothes with water. And press them nicely, leaving no creases at all. It can be an excellent idea to save yourself in such a situation.

  • Air dry after every wash

When you remove your clothes from the spinner, do not directly hang them on the wires or drying stand.

 Instead, take a sturdy hanger and hang all your items as straight as possible. It will prevent deep creases, and quick fixes before wearing would also work.

  • Spin your clothes with ice cubes.

When washing your clothes, take some ice cubes and toss them in your spinner with damp clothes.

It might sound odd, but it works wonders as ice creates de-wrinkling steam once it melts inside. This works great as an ironing alternative.

  • Battery Operated Iron

This one involves electricity as the device needs to be charged. If you need to fix your clothes and the power is out, you can use your rechargeable ironing device and save yourself.

Ironing Boards substitute/ Best Ironing Alternatives

Ironing Boards take up a lot of space, and one might want to think of ways to serve as an Ironing board alternative to suit the needs well.

Wooden or tile floor

Ironing needs pressure. You only need a flat area or base to lay your clothes to control that pressure.

A wooden or tile floor is an ideal base if you put a woolen fabric over it to protect the floor and let your garment over it. Do your regular ironing on this surface.

Carpeted floor or bed

A carpeted floor or bed can work well, but the surface must be covered with a thick spreadsheet layer to protect your mattress or carpet. Iron your clothes on it and get your desired results.

Garment steamer

A garment steamer sometimes has a hanger and a pole; for the smaller ones, you must hang your clothing on a hanger. Whatever kind of steamer you have, an ironing board is not essential.

And steamers are a fantastic substitute for iron and ironing boards as they make your clothes wrinkle-free and give an excellent finish.

Ironing mat

A magnetic ironing mat is an ideal alternative for ironing boards. It is foldable and portable. It turns any flat surface into an instant ironing board and can handle heat up to 200F.

On a metallic surface, the magnets stick to the base, ensure the mat doesn’t slip, and keep it in place. After use, you can fold it up and store it in a small space, and it can be a great partner for traveling.

Frequently Asked questions

There are several methods described in this guide. You can use any of the methods considering the item’s availability in your house.

 And if it works, spread the word! For me, especially the hot shower steam method works, requiring no special equipment or products. 

Of course! Your first impression depends on how you look. And the dressing is the key to impressing someone before talking.

 Impressed clothes give a very messy look. An ironed dress with crisp creases gives a smooth finish and adds to your personality.

You can use the hot shower, steamer, or damp towel method to de-wrinkle clothes. Blow-drying and flat iron also work well for ironing without an iron.

The best way to iron clothes is to place your clothes hung up on a sturdy hanger in your shower room.

The steam the hot shower creates can be an alternative to a steam press with almost the same results. Otherwise, you can invest in a good budget-friendly and easy-to-use garment steamer that suits best to steam your clothes.

All these tips and tricks in this article can help you figure out the easiest way to iron clothes without iron or electricity.

The best and simple method is the hot baking tray method. You can take a baking tray and heat it in the oven. Place your garment on a flat surface and firmly press and rub the tray on the clothes and you are good to go.


I have gathered all the possible tricks and techniques to save you precious time and effort. All the procedures are well-tested and ready to be applied for excellent results.

If any procedures involve chemically formulated solutions, we suggest you try them on the corner of the fabric, check the results, and then go for the whole garment. Also, checking the caution label of every garment before testing any technique is recommended.

 And if everything works well, you can say goodbye to traditional ironing and start using these methods. If done the right way, your clothing will look professionally pressed. Just use these creative alternatives for clothes and be hassle-free. No more ironing!

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