How to Remove the Wrinkles from your Graduation Gown

Every graduated student’s dream is to look decent on their big day which is termed convocation day. This day marks the end of an education journey and the commencement of a new chapter. So, it is very crucial to look good and make a long-lasting impression at a big ceremony. When it comes to the graduation event, you want to know the tips about How to remove wrinkles out of a graduation gown.

After the accomplishment of 14 years of education from college or University, the students will be called graduates and their bachelor’s degree will be termed as graduation. Commencement day or Graduation day results from the hard work and energy you put into achieving your goal. Students are very excited for this day to celebrate the milestone that they achieved. They take photos to make this day memorable with friends, Teachers, and family members.

My Experience to ironing my Graduation Gown:

When my graduation day came, I was very excited to celebrate my academic achievement and for the reunion with University fellows. But unfortunately, when I received my gown, I was a little bit shocked, because there were some wrinkles on my gown. But I followed preventive measures without delay before the ceremony.

My Experience to ironing my Graduation Gown

I first ironed my graduation gown with low-heat steam then hung it properly on a wide hanger. And at the ceremony, I was looking decent and confidently embraced the graduation day. So follow the guide below, if you desire to celebrate your day confidently. Let’s explore the tips to make long-lasting memories on your special occasion.

Tips to Prevent Wrinkles Before the Ceremony

When graduation season comes, students from college or universities spend a little time thinking about how to iron a graduation gown for Graduated Day. No worries; you will get a solution here.

After receiving the gown, you can see folds and stubborn creases in it. But don’t worry, you can easily de-wrinkle your gown by following our convenient tips and techniques. This guide will walk you through the best solutions to keep your gown looking fabulous in all your ceremony pictures. For style and safety reasons at the graduation ceremony, follow these key points which are outlined below;

●    If you receive your gown bag in a folded box, the first step is to unfold it and then hang it up carefully.

●    You can also store the graduation gown in a garment bag to prevent dust and wrinkles. It will also protect the gown fabric.

●    If you need to move your bag from one place to another then use a garment bag.

●    Hang your bag up the night in your wardrobe on a wide hanger before the graduation morning.

●    Be careful before wearing a gown, because pulling roughly can cause wrinkles.

●    Don’t sit for long periods right before the ceremony.

●    Be careful and follow the precautions before doing three steps such as storing, transporting, and handling your graduation gown.

How to steam a graduation gown with a steamer?

Streaming your graduation outfit with a steamer is the easiest way. Moreover, you can use this effective method to get creases out of the graduation gown. Follow these steps, if you want to unwrinkled your graduation gown straightforwardly;

●       To prevent snags from wire hangers, hang the gown on a wooden/padded hanger.

●       In your bathroom, hang the graduation gown from the shower rod.

●       To make steam, turn on the hot water in the bathroom and let it run for 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure, the bathroom door should be closed. So, steam can’t escape from the door.

●       Don’t forget to softly pull and stretch the gown. It will assist you to get rid of bad wrinkles.

Pressing graduation gown

You can use iron for pressing graduation outfits. If you want to apply this method, firstly keep the iron low heat with steam, so that it won’t burn your gown fabric.

Ironing Process:

●     Place your gown on an iron board and put a towel on it to protect the polyester.

●    Check the iron temperature.

●    Start ironing at the collar and on the sections with wrinkles.

●    For the next section, you can move the towel on your gown.

●    Keep doing this until your gown gets pressed/de-wrinkled.

●     Avoid staying on one section for a long time. It can cause the melting of your gown fabric.

Can you unwrinkled graduation gown in the Dryer?

Using a dryer to remove wrinkles from a graduation gown is a quick method. Suppose, you are in a hurry, and you need to quickly get rid of wrinkles, then a dryer will be the game changer option. Let me share a trick here: if you want to get creases out of a graduation gown,

●    First carefully check the care labels, then apply them to your gown.

●     Always set your dryer to low heat to protect the gown fabric.

●     Moisten the gown with a water spray bottle. This act will create steam in your dryer to assist you in de-wrinkling your gown.

●    Run the dryer on low heat for a short duration. Periodically, check the gown until it is fully unwrinkled.

Remove Wrinkle from Graduation Gown with Vinegar

We all are familiar with Vinegar as it is a household item and is mostly used in kitchen products. In case, you don’t prefer a steamer, iron, or dryer, then you can de-wrinkle your graduation gown at home by using vinegar. How is it possible? This question will arise in your mind. Here we have got you covered. Using vinegar is a simple and easy solution. Follow our guide below;

  • Firstly, mix vinegar & any used conditioner in water.
  • Next, shake it well in a spray bottle manually.
  • Now, spray the mixture smoothly on the folded sections of your graduation gown.
  • You can remove creases from the gown by gently pulling.
  • Give an extra touch by adding any fragrance oil if needed.
  • Enhance your seamless graduation experience.

Best way to remove wrinkles out of a graduation gown

The best and easiest way to remove wrinkles out of a graduation gown is to steam iron as mentioned above. But you can also use the air dryer alternatively. For this technique follow the steps listed below.

●    Use a padded or plastic hanger then hang the gown in a ventilated area.

●    The area must be far away from direct sunlight.

●    Let the gown be dry.

●    Wear it and look graceful by wearing a wrinkle-free gown.

How to iron a gown for graduation

First and foremost, place the gown on an ironing board, then cover it with a wet towel. Now start ironing your gown gently from the neckline. Keep the iron steam heat low or medium to protect the gown fabric.

How to get wrinkles out of a cap and gown

To remove wrinkles from a cap and gown, use a garment steamer if the hanging cap or gown is not sufficient. If a few folds are left, then you can remove them manually with a light stretch.

How to get wrinkles out of graduation stole

You can wash the stole/sash with cold water and iron with low steam. It is worth mentioning that don’t stretch the stole while doing steam with iron.

How to get creases out of graduation gown

Eliminate the creases of the graduation gown by ironing the gown at low heat steam. You can also use a hot shower or a handheld garment steamer to steam your outfit. It will remove the creases from the gown fabric.

Frequently Asked questions

The answer is yes, for this purpose use iron to remove creases and wrinkles from your graduation gown. It is recommended to set it to low heat with steam and cover the gown with a wet towel when placing it on the iron board. Because gowns are made of fragile material like polyester.

It is not recommended to place your graduation gown in the dryer to wash or dry. The reason is that the dryer’s high heat can melt or damage the gown fabric. That’s why we prefer Iron Steam to remove gown wrinkles.

Graduation gowns can be flattened by using a hot shower, or use a handheld garment steamer to steam the gown at low heat.

The answer is no. It is recommended to air-dry the gown because the dryer can lead to fabric wrinkles and even melt.

Yes, it is okay if you put your gown on low heat with steam. It won’t damage your gown fabric. Low-heat steam will assist you in removing wrinkles from your gown.

Final Touch:

We have outlined above all the simple and easy techniques regarding how to unwrinkles out of a graduation gown. Hope you have found this post valuable for what you are looking for. Hence, unwrinkle your graduation gown by following our tips. Wear your graduation gown gracefully on your big day and look confident with a stress-free and wrinkle-free gown. If you are still encountering any issues with delicate gown fabric, put your question in the comment box, and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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