How do steam generator irons work? Steaming Up Your Ironing Game

Ironing is a hectic task. Imagine a pile of clothes and no time to iron them… Well, this may not sound so complex if you invest in something that is easy to use and has many features. For this purpose, a steam generator is the best choice as it saves time and serves exceptional results. Several machines have proved to be the best household gadgets for changing our lifestyles and home. A steam generator iron is one of them. let us learn about how Steam generator Irons work.

After using some great steam generators manufactured by different companies, a guide has been prepared to provide all the information and the working mechanism to save your time. These steamers can take up quite a space to store but once you buy them, they can make your life easier. How a steam generator Iron work and produces continuous steam will surely amaze you. With its heavy pressure that banishes the wrinkles from both sides of the garment in one glide, it produces steam that is three times stronger than a standard iron and the final look is achieved in no time.

What is a steam generator iron?

It is an iron used for professional steaming. They are high-powered irons with large water tank capacities. It helps create steam at high pressure and releases wrinkles from both sides of the garments in one go.

Quick tips before you give it a try:

Steam generators come with different features and functions. You should be looking at something user-friendly and easy to store.

Though these irons are made in a very compact design that does take some space but then everything packs up and gets into place easily. Anything that best suits your choice is the one for you

Main factors to look for in a steam generator iron- How steam generator irons work

If you want to check the durability of a steam generator, the following are the things you should consider

  • Power Consumption

The electric power of a steam generator is measured in watts. It determines how fast the iron will heat up. A good steam generator should use at least 1800 watts for excellent results.

  • Steam generation

Steam generation is the continuous bursts of steam that are produced by excessive pressure by the boiler after heating up. A good steamer can produce steam ranging from 80-120 grams per minute.

  • Continuous steam

The purpose of a steam iron is to produce pressurized steam to remove wrinkles efficiently. Mostly new models give about 100g to 190g of steam per minute. Something like this can give you optimal results.

  • Tank capacity

A larger tank capacity means longer steam in a continuous motion. You should look for an appropriate-sized tank that doesn’t require quick refills.

  • Cleaning functions

Steam generator irons come with multifunctional features. They have built-in calc collectors and cleaning buttons that keep your iron clean and long-lasting.

  • Auto-features

Automatic features like auto shut-off technology and other features that save time and electricity are the best. The auto shut-off system prevents the burning of the garment if you leave it on the fabric for too long.

How does a steam generator work?

A steam generator iron produces steam with high pressure and volume. There is a separate storage for water rather than storing the water in the iron itself.

It comes with a boiler that heats the water generating bursts of steam after being pressurized. The steam then removes wrinkles smoothly and effortlessly. Steam-generating irons can produce almost 3 times more heat than a standard iron.

Types of steam generator irons:

There are mostly two types.

  1. Pressurized
  2. Non-pressurized

Pressurized Iron:

Pressurized steam generator irons are the best for deep creases. They come with a boiler that pushes out the stream in a powerful way to combat the tough areas.

Non-Pressurized Iron:

Non-pressurized irons work in the same way as normal steam irons but can put forward steam at much higher pressure.

How to use a steamer iron?

A steam iron removes wrinkles from clothes. It has a small water tank depending on the size of the iron. Water is filled in the tank and is evacuated in the form of steam with pressure. This helps remove creases more efficiently from the garment as the steam can seep in more evenly reaching every area.  Also check out, Best Ironing Alternatives.

The steam generator iron is user-friendly and gives a much more satisfactory output than the traditional irons. To start ironing, all you have to do is start with the placement of the iron. Keep it on a hard stable surface like a countertop or a sturdy ironing board.

Clear all the packaging and leave nothing on the soleplate. Fill up your water tank to its maximum level. Some generator steam irons come with a detachable water tank and some don’t. Use clear water and do not add any other agents to the water to save your iron from any problems.

If the generator has a detachable tank, keep it in its place after filling it with water. It will make a click sound. After that plug the switch in and look for the turn-on indicator. A blinking light will tell you the water is boiling up.

Within two minutes, you are easy to go. These irons come with an optimal temperature technology that guarantees no burns for all ironable fabrics. The steam trigger produces continuous steam and removes wrinkles faster.

How to clean steam generator iron water tank

For longer life and better steam production, you need to clean your water tank. It seems quite a hassle but actually, it’s very easy. Some generator irons come with a cleaning indication light. Whenever you see it blinking you can follow these steps:

  1. Fill up the water to a max level
  2. Add some cleaning vinegar
  3. Set it on a high setting for 5 minutes at least
  4. Press the steam trigger
  5. Let the calc and excess steam come out
  6. Turn it off and let the water soak in for some time

How to clean a steam generator iron

How to clean a steam generator iron

The main steps to clean a steam generator irons are as follows:

  • Descaling the iron
  • Cleaning the soleplate
  • Cleaning the water tank

Descaling the iron:

Descaling the iron after some time is very necessary. You need to turn the temperature setting to max. Switch the iron on and preheat it for a while.

Now unplug the iron and rinse off the leftover water after pressing the calc clean button. Add fresh water and press the clean button if your iron has that function.

Cleaning the soleplate:

To keep the soleplate clean, keep taking some ironing precautions like you should not be scrubbing it with something that can leave scratches.What you can do is dip a piece of cloth in vinegar and wipe it gently on the surface of the iron soleplate.

Cleaning the water tank:

Water tanks are detachable or non-detachable. Remove the water tank and add some vinegar to it. Mostly the irons come with self-cleaning functions.But if not, clean it with vinegar and press the steam trigger for continuous steam. Refill the water and let it cool before use.

How does an iron work

You might wonder about how it is different from a traditional iron. Irons are easily available in every household and are simple to use. Ironing makes the clothes wrinkles free. You have to plug it into the switch and preheat it.

It has temperature settings for different types of fabric. You have to read the caution label for every item and set the required setting. Gently glide it through the garment and let the creases out. For a more finished look, spray some water on the fabric and press it.

Frequently Asked questions

Both work on the streaming system. They remove wrinkles by producing a huge amount of steam. The difference between them is that the steam iron has the water tank built-in, in the iron itself. In a steam generator iron, the water tank is separate and can store more water and can produce steam that is 3 times more pressurized.

Steam generator irons take up a lot of storage space in your laundry room and are mostly used for professional purposes. If you iron curtains and bedsheets in your room, a steam iron is the best choice for that.

If results are important to you, then a steam station might be a better choice. Iron can give you basic results but a steam station is for a professional touch to your garment.

Pressurized and non-pressurized are the two types of steam generators. The pressurized generator produces a huge amount of steam and the non pressurized generator removes wrinkles smoothly.


In my experience, ironing used to be a chore. With a regular iron, I’d spend hours battling stubborn wrinkles. But since investing in a steam generator iron, ironing is a breeze! The article confirmed this – the stronger steam tackles wrinkles faster. While bulkier to store, the time saved and professional finish are worth it. If you, like me, value crisp clothes and efficiency, a steam generator iron might be your new best friend.

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