12 Ironing Tools | The Ultimate Guide for Perfectly Pressed Clothes

A special outfit but poor ironing is a nightmare for ironing lovers. Ironing is an enjoyable task for me. I love to try new techniques that can make an adequate difference in my outfit. And as they say, anything done with the right tools brings out the best results. Depending on your ironing habits, you can have extra accessories to create a professional look. Let’s have a look at which Ironing tools can help to iron in a better way.

Ironing is not a loved task because it takes time and effort, but you won’t get the desired results. To upgrade your ironing experience, ironing types of equipment are introduced that can make this chore a fun task. And not only that, it will give a refined look to your fabric with less effort. Before ironing, you must learn the proper technique and easier ways to achieve the best results. Once you finish this, it’s time to get your hands on the best ironing tools that will make this chore easy and satisfying. 

12 Genius Ironing tools And Tips

Some ironing tools will help you make ironing easier and satisfyingly impressive. These small fun tools will take little effort and produce the best results.

Choose the best iron – The Ultimate necessity.

Choose the best iron - The Ultimate necessity.

Which iron you want depends on what your expectations are with ironing and what your ironing habits are. A steam iron is the best option rather than a dry iron, as they both take the same effort but produce different results.

Steam iron has a long-lasting effect and refreshes the garment, killing almost 99.9 % of germs. Their prices are different, ranging from 50 – 100 $ depending on what features they have to offer. Before buying a steaming iron, you should check the following things:

  • Water tank capacity
  • Cord length
  • Soleplate
  • Steaming power
  • Energy usage
  • Heat capacity

Ironing board – For Comfort and Ease

Ironing board - For Comfort and Ease

Purchase the best ironing board in your budget. It makes ironing comfortable. It is optional to have one as you can convert even a table top to your ironing station, but having one can make the job easier.

You can buy an ironing board with a good length that adjusts to height. The sturdy metallic legs ensure good grip and easy storage. Check The following things before buying:

  • Size of the board
  • Your ironing routine
  • Padding

Ironing board cover – For a Long Lasting Ironing Board

Ironing board covers add extra thickness to your board, making it more secure and comfortable. The thicker the ironing board, the better will be the steaming results. Steam seeps into the thick padding and distributes evenly throughout the garment. You don’t have to do both sides separately. This also saves energy.

Adding a cover gives long life to the ironing board. A padded ironing board is designed in such a way that it can bear the extensive heat without scorching the fabric. It will also prevent any grid patterns from being imprinted onto your project. Here are How to Close an Ironing Board you might like.

Pressing cloth – The best savior

You will always be satisfied with buying a pressing cloth. It has saved me from many ironing disasters that could have ruined my fabric. There are various types of pressing cloth for ironing available in the market. You can buy any of them, like organza or transparent silicon ones.

 It is a very inexpensive accessory. You can even make one at home by taking a white cotton piece of cloth and placing it over the fabric for excellent finishing. A transparent press cloth would save you from pressing extra seams or darts.

Spray bottle – To Acquire effective steaming

Your steaming iron has this option too, but a spray bottle would also do the trick if you plan to buy a dry iron. You can spray water from the bottle and get excellent results after ironing. Steaming clears out every possible wrinkle with significantly less pressure or effort.

A trick I always do is add some drops of essential oil with a lovely fragrance to the water. You can also take two drops of your favorite perfume and add them to the spray bottle. The fragrance will spread all over the fabric and give a refreshing scent to it.

Sleeve board – The best accessory

A sleeve board is another added accessory to perfect ironing. It is a small-sized board designed for an excellent finish in the sleeve area—Crease free sleeve for a professional ironing look.

When you iron without a sleeve board, a crease is made in the sleeve’s center. A sleeve board can help you achieve a refined look in your sleeve, so it will never go unnoticed.

Tailor’s ham – For Crispy seams

A tailor’s ham takes your ironing to a professional level. You can place it under the desired area. It will smooth the creases and make it look crisp, especially on the shoulders and waistline. It gives a tailored look to your garment.

The pressing ham looks like an ironing pillow and is an ordinary accessory, but it does a great job. It has two sides. The upper side is cotton for heavy steaming, and the lower is woolen for all your delicates. Also, check out the How to Iron Wool.

Cuff clam – Magic Sleever

A cuff clam holds the cuffs open while you iron them. This helps remove creases and wrinkles, giving a perfect crisp to your ironed shirt. It is also known as magic sleeves.

Pressing mitt – Protection from the Heat

If you use your iron at high temperatures, a pressing mitt will prevent heat damage. A pressing glove has thick padding to spot-press hard-to-reach areas quickly.

Distilled Water – To reduce Limescale

Water contains mineral contents. Depending on the area, these contents are present in water with high or low density. These minerals can cause Limescale which causes the appliance to decay.

As a solution, you can add distilled water in your tap water in equal measure and spray it on the garment. This dilution will reduce any chances of buildup to a great level. 

 Iron Resting pad – To Save from accidental Burns

An iron resting pad is yet another essential tool for ironing. Ironing boards are expensive, so you want to avoid accidentally burning them due to the excessive temperature of the iron. An iron resting pad mostly made up of silicon works best in such a situation.

You can put your iron over the pad as it can bear the heat and carry out your usual ironing.

Iron Shoe plate – A new life to your old iron

An iron shoe plate is a great savior. It has its benefits, but the best one is that you can always replace it without changing the iron. So it is an accessory on a budget. If your old iron gets chipped and sticks on almost every fabric, you can cover it with a Shoe plate and make it look like a new one.

An iron shoe plate covers the slow metallic vessel of the iron. It keeps excessive heat away from the garment and hence prevents scorching. The universal size is slightly more significant than your iron, but the spring adjustment fits the iron.

Spray starch – Perfect Ironing Experience with Ironing Tools

A spray starch makes the shirt look refined. It not only helps achieve the best look but also saves your time by self-adjusting the ironing area, so you don’t have to iron the same spot again and again repeatedly. It makes the ironing experience very smooth and easy.

A starched shirt prevents wrinkles; if it gets stained, the mark gets on the starched layer first and is easy to remove.

Frequently Asked questions

The tools that make pressing clothes at home a comfortable experience are an ironing board, spray bottle, spray starch, iron shoe plate, distilled water, tailor’s ham, cuff clam, spray bottle, and good quality iron.

The three essential tools for pressing are an ironing board, an iron, and a pressing cloth. A good quality iron should be purchased to achieve the desired ironing looks. An ironing cloth prevents accidental burns, and an ironing board makes it easier to iron anywhere you want.

Ironing boards are of different types. They have metallic legs and a wooden surface for ironing. Currently, they are made of steel mesh and plastic. They take less storage space and are handy. You can choose your ironing board according to your ironing routine

An iron and ironing boards are the two primary tools for ironing. You can also use a tailor’s ham, sleeve board, cuff clam, spray bottle, and an ironing board cover to achieve a next-level look. 


You can make a difference in your appearance with all the ironing supplies mentioned above. Of Course, you may only need some of the listed items, but if you are an ironing enthusiast, you can collect some of them over time. All these items will help achieve a professional look and make you enjoy the chore!

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