How to Iron Any Shirt At Home Perfectly (Dress Shirts, T-Shirts)

Sometimes some things make a more lasting impression than we think they can. These things include bad breath, messy shoes, and wrinkled shirts. Wait what? How come a shirt can destroy your confidence, for example, in an interview? Well, if you put it this way by looking at your messy and wrinkled shirt, your employer can think that you can not even handle small tasks like ironing men’s shirts; then, how will you be fit for bigger roles?

It should be common knowledge for everyone how to press a shirt like a pro. Because, honestly, not all of us can enjoy the expenses that come with a professionally ironed shirt from a dry cleaner.

Benefits Of Ironing Your Shirt Properly

Ironing is not everyone’s favorite task and not easier for most, either. It requires practice. But if you want to be well-dressed, then learning how to get wrinkles out of a shirt is your best bet. A wrinkle-free shift will be a booster for your confidence. But if that’s not enough motivation, then below are some other advantages.

  • The money that you are spending on dry cleaning can be saved. The cheapest rate to get your shirt ironed is $1. It means for each work day of the year, you will save at least $240.
  • Ironing your shirt at home can also increase its lifespan. Since the dry cleaning service will wash the shirt with heavy detergents, it will cause it to wear and tear much faster. If you wash and iron it at home, you can increase its lifespan. How so? At home, you can target only the cuffs and collar that receive the most dirt. Other parts can only be lightly washed.
  • You do not have to wait for a particular shirt to arrive from the dry cleaner. You can have your favorite shirt ironed right at your home right away.

Things You Need To Iron Your Shirt

Things You Need To Iron Your Shirt

How to iron a shirt requires more than one thing. The detail of all the things is listed below

1.An Iron

 Do you own an iron? If not, then it’s time to purchase one. But it’s not that simple. You must consider all your requirements first to select the best iron for your clothes.

If you have to purchase an iron, then I would suggest purchasing a steam iron because it will help ease the task to a great extent and make it faster also. Also, ensure that whatever iron you purchase has a good soleplate.

If you already have an iron, then clean it thoroughly. There must be no buildup of any kind on the soleplate. If you do not want to ruin your shirt, do a white cloth test run. If you see marks on it, then thoroughly run a steamer with a 50/50 solution of distilled water and vinegar. It will effectively clean it out.

2.An Ironing Board

You need to have a perfect place to iron your shirt, and what can go wrong if you have one of the best ironing boards to help you with the task?


No matter if you are using a steam iron or a normal one. Can you iron on wet clothes? Well, You are going to need water to help soften the fabric and to prevent it from any accidental scorches.

Tip: If your steam iron has no self-clean option, it’s best to use distilled water to avoid water stains.

Step By Step Guide On How To Iron A Dress Shirt

Step By Step Guide On How To Iron A Dress Shirt

Learning the best way to iron a button-up shirt, whether it is for women or men, through these step-by-step guides will help you save a lot of time. The steps are:

1.Reading Care Label

The first and foremost step is to check the instructions on the care label. Have a good idea about the fabric of your shirt and allow the temperature to set your iron. This way, you can iron your shirt properly. If your shirt is made with 100% cotton, then it is very easy to practice how to iron cotton shirts because cotton is not very heat sensitive

2.Unbutton The Shirt

 Before laying your shirt on the ironing board, unbutton it properly. Otherwise, you will not leave the basic step of how to iron a button-up shirt properly. Wet the shirt beforehand if you are not using a steam iron to help save you a lot of time

3.The Collar

The collar must be the first part to iron in the shirt. If you do not know how to iron a shirt collar, remember that we always start from the edges of the collar and move to the middle. This will help prevent crease buildup on the edges.

4.The Cuffs

Flip the cuffs and start ironing ; this way, it will be easier to press on the front of the cuff. Like a collar, start from the edges and end in the middle. Follow these steps to have perfectly ironed cuffs.

5.The Yolk And The Back

The same strokes will be followed to iron the yolk of the shirt. After that, iron the back side to unwrinkle it properly.

6.The Sleeves

If you are ironing a dress shirt, do you know how to iron a long-sleeved shirt? Do not worry! I will tell you shortly.

Spread the sleeves on the ironing board and smooth it with your hands to smooth out creases. Now from the cuff, start ironing with the help of the iron’s tip and make your way back to the shoulder. Flip the sleeve and perform the same movements.

7.The Front

When you move the front part, start by ironing the placket first. With the iron tip, get in between the buttons to smooth it. When you are done, iron the rest of the front and hang the shirt immediately.

How To Iron T-shirt

How To Iron T-shirt

 The closet of men is not necessarily filled with only button-down shirts. There is casual wear like a T-shirt also in them. But being casual does not mean men should wear them casually without an iron. You wear T-shirts when you go out with friends/family or have them come over. Don’t you want to put a lasting impression on them? Then you must know how to iron a T-shirt. Follow these steps to professionally press your iron shirt.

1.Place The Ironing Board Inside The T-shirt

Since the T-shirt has no buttons, we must follow different rules to iron it. Firstly, pass the ironing board inside the T-shirt. This will let us iron one side at a time. Remember that when you do this, the T-shirt does not get stretched.

Now, smooth it as much as you can before ironing it.

2.Ironing The Correct Way

Since the t-shirts are usually made with stretchable material, therefore Unlike the usual circular motion while we press the iron, we follow press and lift movements to iron them correctly.

3.Keep Rotating

Ironing t-shirts are easier than ironing button-ups. It does not include many steps. You just have to keep rotating it on the iron board and follow the press and lift motions until you finish.

4.Laying The T-shirt

This is an important part where many fail. You have to let the T-shirt cool before hanging it. Therefore, it must be laid flat so that it can come to normal temperature. This way, the chances of it getting stretched are greatly reduced.

5.Fold Or Han

After the t-shirt is cooled down, you can hang or fold it.

How To Get Wrinkles Out Of A Shirt Without Iron

No matter if you are in a rush or have not purchased an iron. But you have to unwrinkle your shirt. Imagine this scenario! If your iron just broke, what will happen to the meeting you have to attend shortly after? Or you just simply don’t feel like ironing.

All of this can be avoided if you know how to get wrinkles out of a shirt without iron. There are some ways that will teach you how to iron a shirt without an iron. Some might surprise you, some might not, but here they come!

How To Iron Graphic Tees

If you want your graphic tees to last long, you must not iron them, especially on the graphics. But if you want to risk it then do it with the lowest iron setting. Also, do not forget to iron in from the inside. But if you want to iron from the front, place a white cloth on top of it; otherwise, be ready to have it crinkled under your iron.

Frequently Asked questions

The fastest way to unwrinkle a shirt in 5 minutes is to put them in the towel with a few ice cubes or a damp towel. After putting it in, set its timer to five minutes on medium heat.

There is a much less hectic way to get wrinkles out of a shirt without heat. All you have to do is place your garment on a flat and smooth surface and try to smooth it as much as you can with your hands. Now fold it like a burrito and put it under your mattress for around 30 minutes to take it out almost wrinkle-free.

If you put only the shirt in the dryer, it will not do the trick. You must either put a damp towel or an ice cube with it. It will help relieve the steam due to the dryer’s heat and eliminate maximum wrinkles.

If you hang the shirt and mist, it will unwrinkle itself. You can also blow a hair dryer on it to see faster results.

Yes, there is always a correct way to iron any garment, including a men’s or women’s shirt. You have to lay it flat on the ironing board, smooth it with your hands and then use an iron or steam iron to iron it properly.

Beginners or experts both require care and consideration to iron a shirt. You will need a good iron; a steam iron will work better. An Ironing board that can go inside the t-shirt from the broader end. Also, always check the care label to get an accurate idea of iron settings. If it is a darker-colored shirt, ironing it from the inside out is advised to avoid having shiny patches.

Ironing short sleeve shirts is pretty straightforward. There are a few steps involved in it that are stated as follows:

  • Unbutton the shirt and check the care label to set the iron accordingly.
  • Start with the collar by starting from each of its corners and move to the middle.
  • Smooth the sleeves with your hands after placing them flat on the ironing board. After that, iron then from the edge to the corner.
  • Now to iron the shirt’s front, pass the ironing board toward the sleeve and smooth it with your hands in the board.
  • Iron the placket and the front side(one only), start rotating the shirt while pressing it quickly, and reach the other front side.


Ironing is a chore that some like, and some dislike. But everyone must know it to look presentable. One must know how to iron a shirt and other garments professionally to ensure that he will have an ever-lasting impression. In this guide, I have listed the basic steps of ironing different kinds of shirts for men. Whether you want to attend a meeting, have an interview, or have a casual date with friends or family, now you can iron your different kinds of shirts without any issue.

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