Find Your Perfect Fit: A Guide to Ironing Board Sizes for Every Need

Ironing is not dead! Not really. There are ironing enthusiasts and experts who love this chore and choose their iron and ironing board with the best accuracy possible. You can select the best and exact-sized ironing board according to your household or what you press the most. It could be upholstery, dress shirts, Bedspreads, or whatever. And while doing this, what matters the most is the size of the ironing board. Yes, you heard it right! The size of the ironing board is the essential thing you look for when choosing the right board for your home. Even if it’s your first ironing board you will buy, you will have to be precise about the size. The ironing board’s Length, height, and width suffice your need, so your investment is well-spent.

An appropriate board size can minimize half of your ironing stress by providing comfort and ease of use. There are several sizes available everywhere. Measures come in regular or standard sizes, large, specialized, and extra wide sizes. They have height adjustments and auto-locking systems. A multifunctional accurate-sized ironing board is all you need, and to save time, I have prepared a measurement guide of the ironing board sizes for you to choose the best one. We have our measurement tape out; let’s dig more about it!

The standard ironing board size

An average-sized ironing board’s dimensions are around 54 inches long with a width of 15 x 54 inches. The heights are adjustable, and when collapsed, they leave some inches behind the flat board, which needs to be kept in mind while taking accurate dimensions.

Ironing Board sizes- Height, Length, and other dimensions

Ironing Boards come in standard, large, and small sizes. In this list, you can find different sizes of boards with Lengths and widths mentioned.

ironing board Height, Length, and other dimensions

Ironing board comes in the following sizes

  • Mini ironing board
  • Small ironing board
  • Regular
  • Large and wide
  • Quilting boards

Sizes can vary per manufacturing company and makers of the product.

Ironing Board Size Chart

Ironing Board SizeDimensions (Length x Width)Ideal Use
Mini12″ x 32″ or smallerIdeal for small spaces or travel purposes
Small18″ x 48″ or smallerSuitable for apartments or smaller laundry areas
Regular15″ x 54″ to 18″ x 54″Standard size for everyday ironing needs
Large and Wide18″ x 60″ or largerProvides extra space for larger garments or fabrics
Quilting Boards22″ x 60″ or largerDesigned for quilting projects, offering ample space for fabric manipulation and ironing
  • Mini ironing board dimensions

A mini ironing board has a length of approximately 32 inches and a 12 inches width. These are incredibly convenient for small spaces where storage can be an issue. They are small, primarily tabletops, and can be stored anywhere, even in the cupboard or under the bed. You can do quick fixes and touch-ups on these boards as they are light enough to set up. For the iron table height adjustments, you can take a table that matches your height and are good to go.

  • Small-sized ironing board Dimensions

A small-sized ironing board is practical and convenient both at the same time. These are light weighted and easy to set up. The height is long enough to match the narrowness. These boards have a length of 43 inches and are 12 inches in width. These weigh around 7.5 pounds and are just appropriate for normal day ironing.

  • Regular/ Medium ironing board Measurements

A regular ironing board is smaller than a standard ironing board size but has a minimal dimension difference. It is 53 inches long (longer than a small-sized board) and has a width of 13 inches. It is the ironing board for tall people. This board covers your routine ironing clutter with light weighted items like dress shirts or delicate garments.

  • Large and Wide surface area Ironing boards

A full-size ironing board is ideal for every type of cloth, even the heavier ones, as it offers a large surface area. The width is 18 inches and 49 inches long. The Length is shortened to adjust appropriately with the width, as it is a full-size ironing board. It is very comfortable and gives your garments a nice crisp finish after you iron them. These boards weigh about 10 pounds, so you should designate a larger storage area. It also leaves behind 3 4 inches after folding but performs the task perfectly.

  • Unique Ironing boards for Quilting

These are unique ironing boards designed for quilters and professionals. The width of the ironing board is 19 inches, but it is way too heavy, weighing at least 20 to 29 pounds. These boards require a specific spot, as moving them around the house is hard. Sewers usually set it up with their sewing table and finish the work in the same area. The ironing board height is adjustable up to 30 to 38 inches.

Brabantia iron board sizes

Brabantia is a company that offers a wide range of ironing appliances for the user’s comfort. They have ironing boards of different sizes, from compact to bigger and wider. Brabantia has a collection of over 30 different ironing board sizes in the UK, so you will find some of your favorites. The sizes they offer are as follows

Brabantia iron board sizes Chart

Ironing Board ModelDimensions (Length x Width)Ideal Use
Brabantia Size A110cm x 30cmCompact and space-saving
Brabantia Size B Compact124cm x 38cmIdeal for small living spaces
Brabantia Size B Normal124cm x 38cmStandard size for everyday use
Brabantia Size C124cm x 45cmIdeal for larger garments
Brabantia Size D135cm x 45cmProvides ample space for ironing
  • Size A (110 x 30 cm)

This is an appropriate size for your routine ironing. Not so big and not so small.

  • Size B (124 x 38 cm)

It is slightly bigger than size A. It has an iron rest and will surely handle all your ironing needs.

  • Size C (124 x 45 cm)

Size C is an Extra large ironing board. It is suitable for both hands. The built-in iron rest is convenient and comfortable. 

  • Size D (135 x 45 cm)

This is the board that provides the most significant ironing surface. It doesn’t come with an ironing rest, and you can directly keep the iron on its cover as it is thickly padded. The thick body makes it easy to steam iron perfectly. This ironing board would require a designated spot in your laundry room.

Choosing the right ironing board for your household

Choosing the right ironing board for your household

It’s about more than just randomly going through all these sizes and picking one. It’s more than that. You need to figure out some essential points, which might take much debate and thought process. Phew, Let’s get to work! Here are some more on How do steam generator irons work you might like.

1.What do you iron the most?

Think carefully about your regular ironing routine. What do you iron the most? Is it heavy-duty items like drapes and bedspreads or some random dress shirt and lightweight stuff? If you do heavy-duty ironing, you should go for more giant boards. These boards can bear a large amount of pressure and heat. They provide a large surface area to iron appropriately without slipping. If you do lightweight daily routine items, do not choose a massive ironing board that becomes a headache. Choose something compact and lightweight that suffices your everyday routine without creating a mess.

2.What is your ironing spot going to be?

After you are done debating the earlier question, you must look at your best ironing spot—where ironing will be accompanied by comfort and ease. Look for the spots near sockets and large areas to have a place to move around while you clear your ironing clutter. My favorite spot is the roomiest room in the house. You can also iron in the kitchen as it has a bigger space but go with whatever suits you.

If you plan to do it on your kitchen slab, a tabletop ironing board is for you. It is compact and easy to store. You can choose more giant ironing boards if you have a large storage area or designated laundry rooms.

3.Where is the board going to be stored?

We are thinking about the ironing spot. That’s great news! But after you finish ironing your items, where will you store the ironing board? You can choose a built-in ironing board if you have a separate laundry room for your ironing. It is more prominent in size and can be set up only sometimes. If you buy a giant ironing board, you can store it behind the door, under the bed, or behind a sofa (but this is not a good idea if you have kids around). It should be resting somewhere safe to prevent any damage in your house. Also, check out the How to Close an Ironing Board.

4.Check out the space.

You can measure the spaces where you can keep your ironing board. It would also help in picking the precisely sized board. You can match the room’s dimensions with the ironing board’s dimensions, and boom- you have your right-sized board.

Some alternatives you might want to consider

Only some people are interested in investing in the traditional ironing board. There are many alternatives to that – The following are perfect substitutes for a conventional ironing board if you don’t want one. Also, check out the Best Ironing Alternatives.

  • Tabletop ironing boards

You can place a tabletop ironing board anywhere you want. The ironing board height is not adjustable, but you can make it possible by placing it on a suitable surface following your size.

  • Wall-mounted ironing board

Wall-mounted ironing boards are built-in panels that do not take up space and can be used anytime without setting them up. It is the best one if you have a storage area.

  • Over the door ironing boards

These boards hang over the door and fold right back against the door when not in use. They are space-saving and only need a little effort to set up.

  • Ironing mats

These magnetic mats stick to any metallic surface, like your washer or dryer. They give the best ironing results and are a great alternative to an ironing board.

  • Steamers

Handheld steamers come with a stand and hanger to hang your garment while steaming. So you particularly don’t need an ironing board and get the best steaming result.

Frequently Asked questions

Ironing board sizes are mostly mentioned on their packaging. For precision0, you can measure it using an inch of tape. Only measure the upper surface of the board. Taking the width of the ironing board might be enough as the heights are adjustable. These boards come in different sizes and are made considering the user’s requirements. 

Ironing boards come in mini ( 32 x 12 inches), small sizes (43 x 12 inches), medium sizes ( 53 x 13 inches), and large sizes (49 x 18). There are unique boards designed for quilters. They are big and heavy and are primarily used for professional purposes.

The standard size that fits almost all kinds and sizes of ironing boards is a 54 x 15-inch cover. These covers have extra thick padding of 4 layers and are scorch and stain resistant. Once you put a cover on your ironing board, the ironing board will have a longer life.

A medium-sized ironing board is usually 53 inches long and has a width of about 13 inches. They are perfect for households where the ironing need is just the daily light weighted ironing items like shirts or delicate items. This board size might fall short if you have heavy accessories to iron.

Choosing an ironing board can be a task. If you want precision, consider a few things first. One is the spot where you want to keep it. Another thing is the storage area. Measure the room and look for adjustments. Also, revisit your ironing habits of what you iron the most. All these questions help you choose the right ironing board for your household.


There are many options and sizes when looking for an appropriate ironing board. Checking your ironing habits and not compromising comfort before purchasing is better. Find something multifunctional and user-friendly, as ironing boards are a one-time investment. This article might save you from future regrets.

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