How to Remove Iron Marks from Clothes | 7 Easy Tricks

Let’s all admit ironing disasters do happen. But do not worry; if the fabric is not wholly burnt, there is still hope. Imagine ironing a shirt and accidentally leaving the Iron over it for too long. What happens next is a catastrophe. Iron marks are the worst thing that can occur on one fine day when you decide to wear your favorite shirt. Lets learn how to remove marks from clothes.

We have learned many techniques for saving your fabric if it’s not burnt. And even if it’s burnt, I also have some tips. Iron burns are primarily irreversible but need a little effort to make everything alright. `You probably no longer have to wonder how to remove iron marks from clothes. All these techniques were tested, and the results were very satisfying.

How to remove Scorch marks from clothes

The bad news is, burnt marks are not very easy to handle. If the fabric is boiled, you might not be able to achieve the original look back, but with pieces of cotton and linens, there is still a chance.

When you glide the Iron on a melting fabric, and the temperature rises too much, the material is much more likely to melt and get scorched. These marks need quick action. You should turn the Iron off and deal with that quickly because a recent spot might get off with gentle efforts, but if you leave it for a while, it might get permanent or brutal to remove.

On a lighter note, always remember how much you paid for your cool shirt. This might prevent you from being careless with the heated Iron.

7 Easy steps to make your life easier on How to Remove Marks from Clothes

1. Careful Usage

Iron should be used carefully with soft garments.

2. Clean the soleplate before using.

The soleplate should be cleaned before use. Any residue of burnt marks on the soleplate can damage the cloth piece. Always use a soleplate cleaning gel for a transparent surface.

3. Correct Temperature Setting

The temperature setting should be regulated according to the type of garment.

4. Care caution

Another important thing is the garment care caution label. All settings should be done according to that.

5. Bleach the damaged area.

Bleach the damaged area

If you leave the Iron for a slightly longer duration, you might get iron marks. To get rid of them, you can bleach the damaged area.

 6. Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

Iron burn marks are not very easy to remove, but here’s a thing, you can try and make a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in equal quantities. Transfer it to a spray bottle and moisten the affected area. Leave it for about 30 minutes. Scrub it with a good laundry detergent. The mark is more likely to be gone.

 7. Dish Soap liquid might do the trick

Dish Soap liquid might do the trick

Iron marks should be dealt with immediately. A good detergent would do half your work. Another instant technique is to add some drops of dish soap to water. Now add some vinegar and shake it well. Leave it for an hour. After a while, scrub the iron mark out and wash it in the machine. Let it dry in the Sunlight.

Garments Require Extra Care for a Longer Life

Burn marks are very stubborn and need a lot of effort to remove. People usually wonder how to remove ironing stains. To save your clothing, you should prevent the garment from getting those marks in the first place. Keep the Iron on medium heat, and do not overheat it after putting it on the clothes.

Iron burns on clothes do not give a good look. Even if the stain is gone, a stretch mark still does not look good. To remove iron burn marks, sprinkle some detergent on the damaged part and leave it overnight. After that, scrub it with a gentle brush. The spots are gone.

Burnt Marks are irreversible, but here are some tricks-How to Remove Marks from Clothes

how to remove iron Burn mark from clothes
  • To remove burn marks, try using white vinegar. Pour some of the distilled vinegar on the burn mark and leave it for some time. Vinegar has stain removal properties that help clean such stains and is chemical-free.
  • The soleplate of the Iron is the essential part of the Iron. It should be dealt with extra care with no stains or burn marks. This guide will help you find out ironing scorch marks removal. These stains should be dealt with carelessly without wasting any time. Also, check out the How Steam Iron Works.
  • Removing burn marks from clothing is quite a task. Not everything works wonders, but a trick that works for me is the use of dishwashing liquid. Add warm water and dish liquid in a container and leave it on the mark for about 20 minutes.
  • If the burn mark is severe and is not coming off, you can apply a motive to cover the spot. It can save your new shirt. A small burn mark can ruin a new shirt. You can buy a stick-on explanation from a sewers shop that matches the color contrast of your shirt and place it over the mark.
  • These appliques and motifs have glue on their back and can be stuck easily with an iron. Place the motive of any design on the mark and long press it with an iron. Once it is fixed, your shirt will be new again.

Removing scorch marks from clothing

Removing scorching marks is a simple task. Follow these steps to get rid of them :

  • Soak in Lukewarm water with bleach.

Warm water can reduce the marks if mixed with bleach. Bleach has cleaning properties. But do not soak colored clothes in bleach.

  • Leave it overnight with some detergent.

Use a good quality detergent and sprinkle some detergent on the stain and leave it for some time before washing it.

  • Toss it in the washing machine.

Wash the garment in the washing machine with settings according to the fabric type.

  • Sunlight will do the rest.

Sunlight can brighten clothes with its natural properties. Hang the garment in the sun to remove the mark.

Frequently Asked questions

Scorch marks can be removed if you dip your clothes in warm water to loosen the threads and then wash them with a good detergent. Add some vinegar to the solution and remove those stubborn scorch marks from the fabrics.

Yes, scorch marks can be removed if you handle them immediately. Try making a solution of water, vinegar, and dishwashing liquid. Leave it on the fabric and scrub the mark away.

Polyester is a tricky material compared to manufactured fibers. You can’t permanently remove iron scorch marks from polyester, but it doesn’t mean you have to throw away the garment. You can recycle it into something new and creative. But you can try bleach or vinegar to get effective results. 

Bleach has whitening properties. Bleach works on light-colored cotton fabric. Try soaking your scorched area in Warm water. Add some bleach to it. Dip it for a while and wash it away using good-quality detergent.

Iron marks can be removed with distilled white vinegar. With its acidic properties, vinegar is an ideal non-chemical fabric-friendly ingredient available readily at home. A quick fix is necessary to save your clothing, and vinegar does it well.

Yes, the tricks and tips mentioned in this article are fabric friendly. They can reduce the stain by up to 70% and are very effective.

Burn marks are hard to remove as they can weaken the fabric by burning its threads. The clothing can be made durable with some creative tricks.

One thing that sometimes works wonders is to press the scorch marks. But this is reflective in new spots mostly. You can take a damp press cloth and a medium heated iron. Press and long hold the Iron on the scorch marks to transfer it to the pressing cloth. This is one of the most effective tricks with natural fibers.


Prevention is the primary key. Temperature setting while you iron a pile of clothes is essential. You must be careful with sensitive and soft fabrics. Unfortunately, Iron burn marks and scorch marks do not always go away.

Which is why you shouldn’t let them happen in the first place. But even if they do happen, this complete guide has many techniques that are tested and enlisted, having excellent results. Some tricks work wonders, but if not entirely, they can reduce most of the stain from your garment.

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